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Wadsworth Woodlands offers all the timber harvesting, forestry consulting and land management services you need to successfully manage your woodlot and grow your timber investment. Our foresters have spent many years in the woods and they put their expertise to work for you. Whether you want your wood lot inspected, a land management plan, or cruising and assessing your timber potential.

Services we offer you:

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Forest Management Plans
With over 162,000 acres of private, non-industrial forest currently under management plans - we regularly write Maine Tree Growth Plans, New Hampshire Stewardship Plans, and State and Federal Cost Share Plans.

Here is a list of what goes into a management plan:

Owner objectives
Location and Access
Timber Management
Timber Stand Descriptions and Prescriptions
Cruise Volumes and Valuations
Fish and Wildlife Habitat
Wetlands and Water Quality
Recreational Resources
Aesthetic Values Cultural Features
Forest Protection
Threatened and Endangered Species Unique Natural Communities
Insects and Disease
Forest Type Map

Maine's Tree Growth Tax Law
Enrolling in the Tree Growth Program can allow you to reduce your property taxes. We enroll you by filing the proper paperwork with the municipality that your timberland is located and by writing a management plan on that timberland. This assures the State of Maine that the owner is interested in keeping their timberland as working forest. Once enrolled we will update your plan every 10 years in accordance with Maine State Law.

New Hampshire's Current Use Law
Similar to Maine’s Tree Growth Tax Law the Current Use program allows you to reduce property taxes if your woodlot(s) is actively being managed for timber production.

Timber Cruising: Volume & Value Assessment
Our foresters have assessed timberland all over Maine and New Hampshire. We provide accurate value and volume assessments for any size lot you need evaluated.

GPS/GIS Mapping
We use the latest technology (Arc View 9.1 GPS system) to create an accurate map of your property and overlay it onto an aerial photograph of your property. Be sure to keep it for your records, as it will be valuable to have in the future.

Timber Tax Depletion Accounting
After a timber harvest you can deplete the removed timber value reducing your taxes. We can show you how.

Timber Trespass Determination & Assessment
We understand the laws surrounding an accidental and intentional cut-over and compensation for timber stolen from your lot if this were to happen. Call us immediately when you discover a trespass and we can help you recover your lost value.

Boundary Line Maintenance
We work quickly and accurately ax blazing and hand painting your boundary line using existing field evidence.

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“We are committed to serving the individual forestry needs of our clients and their woodlands. As professional foresters, our mission is to provide landowners with a wide array of economical forestry services and bring our expertise and experience to responsibly work with your woodland.”