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We are professional, licensed foresters proudly serving Maine and New Hampshire

We offer Timber Harvesting, Consulting, and Land Management

We are a local, family owned business of 29 years and over 51 years of forestry experience.

Our objective is to help you, the landowner achieve your goals of natural resource management through responsible timber harvests and land management plans. Allowing you to receive the greatest return on your forestland investment, and to maintain forest health.

We believe that good forestry practices begin with good landowner relationships, and that long-term sustainability is achieved through responsible resource management.

A well-managed, sustainable wood lot is good for you and even better for our forests!

Our name is our virtue. Through hard work, respect, trust, and time our good reputation with landowners and the community is not something we take lightly.


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Office Location:
134 Main Street
Cornish, Maine